FGNPC and NAPTIN Forge Strategic Alliance to Accelerate PPI Implementation and Empower Nigerian Engineers

FGNPC and NAPTIN Forge Strategic Alliance to Accelerate PPI Implementation and Empower Nigerian Engineers

ABUJA Nigeria– FGN Power Company (FGNPC), Siemens A.G, and Siemens Energy proudly announced the signing of an acceleration agreement aimed at expediting the implementation of the Presidential Power Initiative (PPI). This landmark collaboration underscores a commitment to fostering sustainable energy development in Nigeria.

Under the agreement, the National Power Training Institute of Nigeria (NAPTIN) will play a pivotal role in supporting the Power Training Institute (PTI) workstream of the PTI to enhance the skills and knowledge of Nigerian engineers. The focus of this partnership is on leveraging NAPTIN’s strengths in knowledge transfer and human capital development.

Key Steps to be Taken:

  1. Knowledge Transfer and Increased Human Capacity Development: The PPI implementation will benefit from increased capacity to maintain and leave a lasting legacy for project sustainability.  We are dedicated to transferring valuable knowledge to Nigerian Engineers, ensuring a lasting impact.
  2. NAPTIN’s Capacity for Maintenance: NAPTIN will be equipped to handle the maintenance and repairs necessary for the sustainability of the PPI, providing a robust foundation for the project’s success.
  3. Overcoming the Fear of Embracing New Technology: Acknowledging the technological advancements brought by the PPI, we emphasize that Nigeria should not be left behind. We are actively working to dispel any fears surrounding the technology and are committed to building the capacity of Nigerian engineers to embrace and excel in the implementation.

In line with this, a partnership agreement has been established with FGNPC, NAPTIN, and Siemens to focus on capacity building and local content development that will affect Nigerians directly. This collaboration seeks to empower local talent, ensuring they play a crucial role in the ongoing energy transformation in Nigeria.

This collaboration is a testament to the dedication of all parties involved to propel Nigeria towards a sustainable energy future. We believe that by investing in our engineers and fostering local expertise, we can contribute significantly to the growth and success of the PPI and, ultimately, the overall energy landscape of Nigeria.

Previous Accelerated Agreement Signing at COP28
Niger Delta Power Holding (NDPHC) Building 1490, Samuel Ademulegun Avenue,
Central Business District, Abuja, Nigeria

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