National Metering Systems


A Nigerian National “Smart Metering Prepaid system” is proposed in order to tackle the enormous challenges facing the sector. By offering a National system, all relevant stakeholders in the NESI will be able to receive strategic reports and ownership of data on a national basis, whilst regionally and locally, the DisCos will be “ring-fenced” to allow them to manage their own market environment.
The scalable Siemens “Smart Metering Prepaid system” solution can accommodate all types of consumers such as:
  • Heavy Industrial
  • Light Industrial and Commercial
  • Residential

The smart metering platform – EnergyIP Meter Data Management System (MDMS), is intended to integrate all 11 DisCo’s to the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) and the Nigeria Inter-Bank Settlement System (NIBBS) for prepayment transactions. The technology will centrally manage multiple tariffs and pre-payment business models and allows for Multiple Meter Vendors to integrate their meters to the backend system using International Open Standards – these meters are classified as “Thin” meters and because of the Multi-Vendor capability of the system, meter costs are dramatically reduced due to economy of scale.

Nationally, collection and protection of revenue is secured, efficiencies are scaled up by a factor of 150, and finance risk is reduced opening up a market for investment.




  • National Level: Since the Siemens system is centrally managed, it can provide any Government with National near real -time data, information and reports per connected meter point, such as: total consumption, collected revenue, ATC&C losses etc).
  • Regional Level: Each DSO will have full control and system management based on authorization levels for its own ring-fenced area of responsibility. They will access all their own data, information and reports for its own management requirements.


  • Manage NTL losses: The Siemens solution detects non-technical losses on end-consumer level and generates relevant reports enabling DSOs to resolving theft and vandalism. Due to the ability to run all consumers on PREPAID allows for instant improvement of cash flow and revenue collection. As a result, that leads to a mindset change and significant improvement of the end-consumers behavior. This is for both Electricity and Water consumption.
  • Accurate billing encourages consumers to pay their bills on time or even motivates with attractive tariffs for the prepaid option.


  • Tariff Management: All tariff structures can be managed in the Siemens platform at a touch of a mouse button. Each meter account can be moved from post-payment to pre-payment schemes and vice-versa through the central system. No meter changes and field visits are required, which leads to considerable cost and time savings. Debt management can be configured in the software based on regulations per individual meter account.


  • No need for THICK prepaid meters. The usage of THIN smart meters will drastically decrease the hardware cost due to its attractive market price and increases the value add of local meter manufacturers. Also, due to the ability to connect to Smart Phones, iOS and Android APPS dramatically changes consumer behavior and accessibility to information. Thus, there is no need for CIU’s (Customer Interface Units).
  • Water meters can be made with no moving parts, allowing for up to 16-18 years of battery warranty, bringing down maintenance costs.


  • Siemens AMI solution monitors the progress of meter roll-out down to the individual meter, which supports the managing of field service providers and further enhances operation excellence and consumer experience.

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