Mission, Vision & Values

FGN Power Company's Mandate

“To provide reliable and constant power supply (25 GW of power generation capacity) in Nigeria, by 2025.”

FGN Power Company was established to secure financing, effectively coordinate stakeholders and enter efficient commercial and contractual arrangements in order to deliver the pipeline of PPI projects that will transform Nigeria’s power sector and improve the quality of life for all Nigerians.

Our Core Values

We are focused and driven to effect major impacts in the Power and Infrastructure industry in Nigeria.

Transparency: Transparent prioritization of projects based on technical feasibility and a holistic view of value chain improvement through governance and partnerships.

Sustainability: High-quality, long-lasting solutions for distribution and transmission networks implemented by knowledgeable experts within the project management team.

Professionalism: high standards and industry codes for the NESI- following due diligence.

Integrity: Diligent oversight and documentation of funds disbursement to avoid misuse, and ensure that project funds are used for the intended purpose.

Efficiency: Making decisions to ensure FGN Power Company manages and coordinates key stakeholders for cohesion and seamless implementation of the projects.

Our Mission

Bridging the gap in power generation infrastructure in Nigeria through the rehabilitation and expansion of the nation’s generation, transmission and distribution network to meet future power needs.

Our Vision

To provide reliable and constant power supply (25 GW of power generation capacity) in Nigeria, by 2025.

PPI Will Increase Power Generation Capacity to 25GW by 2025!

Learn more about the 4 major workstreams in the implementation of the PPI.

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