Accelerated Agreement Signing at COP28

Accelerated Agreement Signing at COP28

President Bola Tinubu and German Chancellor Olaf Scholz joined forces in Dubai to witness the signing of a pivotal agreement to accelerate the implementation of the Presidential Power Initiative (PPI) to enhance electricity supply in Nigeria. The agreement, sealed at the COP28 climate summit, outlines a comprehensive modernization and expansion plan for the transmission, distribution and generation networks with Siemens Energy at the forefront.

The Managing Director of FGN Power Company, Mr. Kenny Anuwe, emphasized Siemens Energy’s effective contributions, including crucial equipment worth over 63 million Euros, as the nation strides towards a more robust power sector.

President Bola Tinubu, since assuming office, has consistently advocated the accelerated realization and expansion of the PPI. To achieve this, the project has been a major focal point in three rounds of bilateral discussions at several meetings between the President and the German Chancellor, in New Delhi, Abuja and Berlin.

Previous Bilateral Talks between Nigerian and German Officials Propel the Acceleration of the PPI and Strengthen Focus on Improving Transmission Network
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