FGN Power Company has five layers of oversight and execution: the Steering Committee, the Board of Directors, the Executive Management, and the Staff. Each oversees the layer below and executes the decisions from the layer above.

Steering Committee

The Steering Committee, as a combination of Board Members and the President’s Chief of Staff, sets strategic objectives and resolves the most difficult coordination problems.

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors oversees Executive Management, votes on important decisions, and generally guides the strategic direction of FGN Power Company (along with the MD/CEO).

Executive Management

Executive Management runs the day-to-day operations of FGN Power Company, liaises with external stakeholders, makes management decisions, and executes decisions approved by the Board.


PMO assist FGN Power Company in project supervision and delivery of the program of work (network investments) to be undertaken by FGN Power Company in transmission and distribution networks.


FGN Power Company staff implements the directives of the Executive Management, escalates issues requiring executive attention, handles the details of specific projects, and keeps the firm’s operations running.

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