The FGN Power Company Story

The Presidential Power Initiative (PPI) was conceived during a meeting between the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, Muhammadu Buhari and German Chancellor, Angela Merkel on August 31, 2018.

Subsequently, President Buhari established the Federal Government of Nigeria Power Company (FGN Power Company) as a Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) to deliver the Presidential Power Initiative (PPI) in partnership with Siemens. The Presidential Power Initiative (PPI) aims to enable the Nigeria Electricity Supply Industry (NESI) to achieve commercial autonomy by facilitating investments in critical infrastructure to support power delivery and service to Nigerians.


CEO speaks on Boosting Electricity Supply in Nigeria.

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Overview of Presidential
Power Initiative

The Presidential Power Initiative (PPI) seeks to modernize, rehabilitate and expand the national grid by investing in the Nigerian power sector's electricity value chain (distribution, transmission, and generation systems) of the Nigerian power sector.

The PPI will deliver the much-needed electricity supply and spur economic growth across the country with FGN Power Company managing and supervising the project to ensure accountability, coordination and best practice implementation of the initiative.

Phase 1

Increase capacity to 7GW by resolving transmission and distribution constraints

Phase 2

Increase the national grid operational capacity by an additional 4GW to 11GW    

Phase 3

Achieve end-to-end grid operational capacity of 25GW to improve supply nationwide

PPI Project Book

An overview of the FGN Power Company’s unique approach to transforming the Nigerian Power Sector through Collaboration, Financing and Due Diligence.

Mission & Vision

The Presidential Power Initiative (PPI) has four guiding principles by which it operates, which are Transparency, Integrity, Sustainability, and Efficiency.


The Board of Directors and Management of FGN Power Company play a critical role within the PPI to ensure that the project achieves its objectives.


FGN Power Company has five layers of oversight and execution: the Steering Committee, the Board of Directors, the Executive Management, and the Staff.

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