PTI Stakeholder Workshop: A Year in Review

PTI Stakeholder Workshop: A Year in Review

FGN Power Company is holding a 3-day workshop on April 25th- 27th, 2023, for the Power Training Institute (PTI) workstream under the Presidential Power Initiative (PPI) in collaboration with our implementation partners Siemens AG and Siemens Energy.

The PTI is intended to train engineers and build capacity in power system simulation, network studies, and system planning skills. Also, the PTI will ensure that DisCos develop and maintain network models that perfectly represent the physical network they operate using PSS SINCAL.

The goal of the workshop is to review the implementation progress, lessons learned, and align on the next steps before the commencement of batch two (2) training.

So far, over 100 engineers from NERC, NAPTIN, REA, TCN, DisCos, and other educational institutions have received robust trainings from representatives from Siemens Energy in batch one (1).

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