FGN Power Company’s Commissioning of Ajah Mobile Substation Marks Milestone in Nigeria’s Power Sector Revitalisation for Phase 1 of Presidential Power Initiative (PPI)

FGN Power Company’s Commissioning of Ajah Mobile Substation Marks Milestone in Nigeria’s Power Sector Revitalisation for Phase 1 of Presidential Power Initiative (PPI)

LAGOS STATE, NIGERIA – Today marked a significant chapter in Nigeria’s ongoing efforts to enhance its power supply with the commissioning of the 63MVA, 132/33kV Ajah Mobile Substation, a crucial element of the Presidential Power Initiative (PPI). The ceremony, held at the Ajah Transmission Substation in Lagos State, evidenced improvements in transmission capacity and reliability for the Nigerian electricity customers.

This commissioning represents a vital addition to the nation’s infrastructure to enhance transmission wheeling capacity and reinforce the government’s commitment to providing better electricity access for all Nigerians. The 63MVA, 132/33kV Mobile Substation plays a critical role in upgrading transmission wheeling capacity and facilitating quick deployment to meet Nigeria’s growing energy demands. 10 of them were procured and 3 have been installed while two will be commissioned by next week. These mobile substations are strategically positioned to enhance the efficiency and reliability of power supply across key economic hubs in the country and will alleviate transmission capacity constraints in the sector by over 1300MW.  Some of the Mobile Substations are being deployed at Ajah, Jebba, Kwanar Dangora, Nike Lake amongst others.

During the ceremony, the Honourable Minister of Power, Chief Adebayo Adelabu, expressed gratitude for the collective efforts that made the commissioning possible. He highlighted the significance of the Ajah Substation in the broader context of the PPI’s objectives, stressing its value addition in enhancing transmission capacity, energy access and overall advancements towards the 4000MW to 6000MW improvement targets.

The commissioning of the Ajah Mobile Substation marks a significant step within the Nigeria-Siemens Partnership (PPI) framework aimed at modernizing and expanding Nigeria’s power infrastructure. Alongside Ajah, the commissioning of another location, Birnin Kebbi in Kebbi State, occurred simultaneously. These combined efforts will boost transmission wheeling capacity to 123MW, ultimately leading to enhanced electricity provision for households and businesses in both Ajah and Birnin Kebbi.

Furthermore, in May, a 60MVA Power Transformer will be installed and commissioned at the Ajah Transmission Substation, contributing to a total of 123MW to the Ajah area in the month of May, 2024 alone. The successful installation and energisation of the Ajah Mobile Substation testify to the collaborative efforts of all stakeholders involved, including government agencies and Siemens Energy as technical partners for the project. It reflects a shared commitment to overcoming the challenges facing Nigeria’s power sector and delivering tangible improvements in electricity supply for the benefit of all Nigerians.

This commissioning marks a significant step towards achieving the PPI’s goals of enhancing power transmission, distribution, and generation capacity across Nigeria. As the nation progresses towards a more electrified future, initiatives like the PPI serve as beacons of hope and progress for all Nigerians.

Mr. Kenny Anuwe, Managing Director of FGN Power Company, remarked, “As we stand on the cusp of a transformative era in Nigeria’s power sector, FGN Power Company remains steadfast in our commitment to driving progress and delivering tangible improvements in electricity access for all Nigerians. With unwavering dedication and collaboration, we are poised to unlock the nation’s full potential and illuminate a brighter future for generations to come.”

As Nigeria continues its journey towards energy sufficiency and economic prosperity, initiatives like the PPI underscore President Tinubu’s unwavering determination to deliver adequate electricity towards unlocking Nigeria’s full economic potential.

About FGN Power Company:

Established by the Presidency as a special purpose vehicle (SPV), FGN Power Company is tasked with implementing the PPI, with Siemens serving as the technical partner. Supported by the German Government, various Engineering, Procurement, and Construction (EPC) companies, financiers, regulators, and agencies, FGNPC plays a pivotal role in driving Nigeria’s power sector transformation.

About PPI:

The Presidential Power Initiative (PPI) aims to enable the Nigeria Electricity Supply Industry (NESI) to achieve commercial autonomy through critical infrastructure investments. By prioritizing infrastructure development, capacity building, and institutional reform, the PPI seeks to enhance the reliability, accessibility, and affordability of electricity across Nigeria.

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